Wednesday, June 24, 2009


lol in case you couldn't tell by the title i went to brussels. yeah zack and i felt like we should use an off day and just hop on a train and take 30 mins to go to brussels. we saw the grand place, the first mall, the manekenn piss "its a little peeing boy", and loads of other things. we got some scarfs lol to seem more belgian that is. had a waffle. ate at my favorite place "mom you know what that is". and got on another train and went to our good friend dennis' house. from there we got in his car and blasted music on his system lol techno and rap hahahaha. the reason we got in his car was tooooo see transformers the revenge of the fallen an awesome movie i may add. then got on our bikes and came home. and i am now here typing this in the very scarf i bought lol.

and love you all


  1. Mmmmmm...Greek food...I'm glad you got to eat at Mykonos, but now I'm hungry for Greek. Did you have a waffle with or without chocolate? What was the little boy wearing today?

    I miss the Grand Place.

    Miss you, too. I'm impressed at your ability to get around in a 'furrin' place.

  2. We are suitably jealous of you, eating waffles, pitas and sweet popcorn. (Well maybe not the popcorn.) Glad you enjoyed the party time.

  3. Do we get to see you in the scarf?